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Taya from Las Vegas, Nv writes

FastCap Onslaught and ants

I tried Onslaught FastCap for the first time at a dance studio that has ants under their dance sub floors. The floors could not be broadcast sprayed and I could not reach under the sub floors, so I did a baseboard crack and crevice treatment and hoped for good results... It has been about a week and they report no change in ant activity. So I have several questions: 1. Is that enough time to see results. 2. Do you have any application recommendations that might help? 3. Are there any other product recommendations that would produce excellent results? Many Thanks!


1. It can take up to 21 days to start to see big results 2. Yes, while Onslaught will kill ants that come incontact with it, Onslaught will not stop the problem. If you can bait then please check out the Complete Ant kit. If not then Phantom would be a good product to use. Pests can't even detect Phantom, so they walk right over it and then spread it to other insects hidden behind walls or in their home colony, killing every other pest they come in contact with. 

Answer last updated on: 04/15/2015

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