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    Not sure, yet.

    By Jeff on 10/13/2016

    I gave five stars because Do My Own Pest Control is so easy to work with. I put the product down two weeks ago and there is some color coming out. I put it down for a winter feed and weed killer. May use it again in the spring.

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    Recommended by Do My Own

    By Scott on 03/29/2019

    Purchased this on advice from Do Your Own. Heavy clover and some weeds. I think it made the weeds and clover grow!!

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    Yard of disappointment

    By Shaun on 05/29/2019

    Purchased this product in hopes of breaking free of the Scotts stranglehold and mediocrity. Applied mid April to my Northern Ohio rye grass lawn just as I would any other product, with high hopes I waited. From the second week in I knew I had made a horrible mistake, this product could not even keep my neighbors clover from overtaking a portion of my lawn. For the price I expected this to perform much better but Im left to clean up the aftermath with a post emergent. As in the past DoMyOwn is a solid company that has in my experience carried great products and I will continue to order despite the failure of Fertilome.

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    Didn't kill anything

    By Fred on 03/21/2021

    I had some Creeping Charlie and other weeds in my lawn. I had already fertilized and and put down pre-emergent. When I read about this product I thought I would order some and spread it to kill some of the weeds on the list. I followed the directions. I waited for a rain as suggested. The directions list three rates so I went with the heaviest and probably a bit more on one section of the lawn. The weeds kept thriving. So after another rain I used the rest of the bag and treated it again. I am coming up to two weeks and the weeds don't even look sick. Eventually they may die of old It was pretty much a wasted purchase. I guess I will go have to spot treat the weeds. I can't think of anything I might have done wrong. It must have been my fault someway. But if it was my fault then the application must be very touchy!!!! I would not suggest this product if you mean to kill weeds.

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Displaying 1 to 4 (of 4 reviews)