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Jeffrey from Cedar Hill Tx writes

Fleas residual with FenvaStar EcoCap

So I sprayed Fenvastar EcoCap, Tekko, and CxciteR all over my house because I only have one room with carpet and the rest are either vinyl hardwood or ceramic tile. Does the Fenvastar work as a residual to kill adult fleas once dried? We had a massive infestation which is dwindling but I still am seeing adults here and there. We put our dog to sleep 8 weeks ago and it seems like these adults just won't stop. I even hired a pest control company who soaked my house with Cy-Kick and they came roaring back about a week later that's when I turned to you guys and your recommendation of the kit for flea control.


FenvaStar EcoCap has about a 90 day residual inside but when you are treating for fleas you should be treating every 2 weeks with it and vacuuming every day or at least every other day.  We have a guide here that can explain.

Answer last updated on: 02/18/2020

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