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Flies-Be-Gone Fly Trap Review

By DoMyOwn staff

No one likes flies. But how do you get rid of them? In this video we will show you how to rid yourself of flies in and around your yard using the Flies Be Gone fly trap. Easy to use and easy to set up.


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Video Transcript

“Hi. I’m Michael with domyownpestcontrol. This is a product snapshot of Flies-Be-Gone Fly Trap.  A lot of people like to eat outside in the summertime, but one of the biggest problems is flys. This Flies-Be-Gone Fly trap is one of our most popular. We actually send quite a few of them to Iraq and Afghanistan to our U.S. Military. You can use it in backyards, around dumpsters, trash areas, it’s very safe and effective for up to thirty days.  We’re gonna go over how to set one up right now. Everything you need will come in the flies be gone bag. All you’ll need is two quarts of lukewarm water. It just has a quick tear on the top. And everything you need is right here inside. Once you have the product out of the packaging, you will have the fly trap here and the bait. Go ahead and take the red top off, this is where the flies enter the trap. Go ahead and extend the bag, this will hold the bait. And this will hang from the tree or wherever you’re hanging the trap. It does have a mesh bag here at the top and with a hole where the flies will be funneled down the mesh and into the hole. Now, take the bait and open the top and you’re gonna pour it right through the mesh. Shake the trap till it all goes through the mesh. Once you have the bait on the bottom of the bag, take your two quarts of warm water, now if you are in a hot climate where the water will evaporate especially in direct sunlight where the trap should be then it should be two full quarts of water, and if you’re in an area that is not very hot and water doesn’t evaporate very quickly, you can use one quart.  We’re in Georgia, so we’re going to use two. Once the trap is full, you want to take the red top, position it over the holes on the top of the bag that allow about a half inch gap.  This is where the flies will fly into the trap, now it takes a couple days for the odor of the trap to get around through the atmosphere to attract flies. You want to have this about 30-45 ft away from your house or patio area, so they are attracted away from where you are trying to keep the flies away from.
Now once you’ve assembled your Flies-Be-Gone Trap, again you want it to be 30-45 feet away from the gathering area.  It is very important that the trap is 5 ft above the ground and as soon as the trap is full or non-effective anymore, all you have to do is take it off wherever you’re hanging it and put it in the trash and that’s it very simple, disposable, and effective. Now if the liquids inside evaporate to less than 3 inches, then take a garden hose and fill it back up. That’s the Flies-Be-Gone Fly Trap.”