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Jim writes

Follow up question on treatment of bed bugs with various products.

We live in a house on a slab and have had problems with many different insects in the home before self treatment. The bed rooms and living room were initially treated but only the bedrooms the last six months as this is where the bites occur overnight. We have seen a mite but couldn?t identify if it was dust or rodent. We have had problems with ground squirrels digging near the foundation and suspected but no evidence. We did see two dead adults bed bugs last year and several cast skins on the bed as recently as last December but none since then. There is evidence of fecal spotting on the headboard, under dresser but these appear older..none recent. Other than nearly daily bites (usually 1 a day) and rare blood spotting, there has been no other evidence of bed bugs since late last year. The bites usually stop for a couple days after a product is sprayed. One thing to note, the products we used mentioned previously have killed every other insect in the home. We see a stray ant or spider once every couple months but that?s it. However none has stopped the bites so we?re at a loss what to do now


We think the first thing you must do is get a proper identification of the pest you are dealing with. Treatments vary greatly from pest to pest and a mistaken identification can lead to a prolonged infestation. We recommend that you place glueboards out where ever you suspect activity and then submit the glueboards to an entomologist. Even if an insect cannot be seen with the naked eye, the entomologist will be able to see it with his/her high powered microscope and may be able to offer an identification of the pest. You can contact an entomologist through your local cooperative extension office. You may also want to go to your doctor or dermatologist as some insects can infest your skin and will not be affected by insecticides applied in the home.

Answer last updated on: 08/30/2011

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