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Mike writes

For chinch bugs in lawn, how soon after application should you water Bifen in?

Most directions for using Bifen on your lawn say to make sure it has 24 hours to dry before getting wet. But for chinch bugs, it says to water the product into the lawn. Do you water it in immediately? Wait 1 hour? 2 hours? 24 hours?


When using Bifen IT for chinch bugs you should water in at 1/4 inch immediately after application to get it down to where they are.  It is only when you are applying for surface dwelling insects that you would wait to water so that it has time to dry on the surface it has been applied to.  

Specific instructions from the label for chinch bugs: Mostly found in the thatch layer, chinch bugs infest the base of grass plants. In order to optimize the penetration of the insecticide to location of the chinch bugs, irrigation of the grass prior to treatment may be necessary. If grass is being kept at a long mowing height or if the thatch layer is excessive, use higher volume treatments. It may be necessary to use higher application rates (up to 1 fluid oz. per 1000 square feet) to control populations made up of both adults and nymphs in mid-summer.

Answer last updated on: 08/17/2020

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