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    Daconil Fungicide Concentrate

    By Kenneth on 05/17/2016

    I have used the product on my rose bushes to control black spot. We are now in the middle of the month of May and I have no black spot on my roses. I spray them every one and a half to two weeks from a tank sprayer with the addition of malathion to control insects.

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    Ready to Use Daconil Too Thick to Spray

    By Mike on 05/03/2020

    Just picked up some of the ready to use spray for use on tomatoes. The bottle had settings for "stream" & "spray" but both settings just produced a stream which made getting good coverage on my tomato plants almost impossible and the amount of waste was excessive. I ended up having to transfer into a separate spray bottle I had that has an adjustable nozzle but even with it set to the tightest setting it was difficult to produce a spray. Had to squeeze the trigger very hard to produce a spray. No way to produce a spray with the original bottle it came in. The product is simply too thick to actually spray it on plants effectively. I will have to stick to another product that is thinner in texture and can produce a fine spray to get thorough coverage of plants. I don't even know if the product works yet or not, but even if it does I wouldn't buy it again because of the application issues.

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    Tomato blight

    By Milly on 06/15/2022

    I just tried this concentrate product for the first time immediately after noticing the brown blight on my green tomatoes. I will post more on the progress of this product. All the reviews I have read are good and with 50 years experience from this company, I expect it to work

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    Sprayer doesn't work

    By Dr, on 08/08/2022

    This is my second bottle. Neither of them worked. The sprayer doesn't spray. It just streams which makes it impossible to spray the plants.

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