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Get Rid of Roach Food Sources

By DoMyOwn staff

Roaches need food to survive - make sure you get rid of what is nourishing the roaches in your home.

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Begin by eliminating as many food sources as possible.

Keep the kitchen area clean, especially the area under, behind, and alongside appliances that are often neglected for long periods of time.

Daily wipe down appliances, especially the stove, counter tops and cabinets with warm, soapy water to manage crumbs and spills.

Clean out and wipe down cabinets, taking care to vacuum food crumbs from cracks and crevices.

Keep foods in tightly sealed containers, including pet food that may be stored outside.

Keep garbage stored in cans or receptacles with tight-fitting lids.

Take out the trash often and clean the can with ammonia on a regular basis to control odors and mildew.