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Confused writes

Has anyone ever actually done the math for an applications of Tenacity Herbicide outside of 1 acre and the spot treatments?

Calculating the correct quantities based on the instructions do not add up or make any sense? First conversions and measurements: Tenacity Ounces 4,5,6,7,8 = Tenacity Tablespoons 8,10,12,14,16 = Tenacity Teaspoons 24,30,36,42,48 If we are trying to calculate this for 4 gallons for water we would divide 30 gallons by 7.5 to give us 4 gallons. 1 acre = 43560 / 7.5 = 5808 square foot. If we do the same calculation for ounces, tablespoons, and teaspoons we would get the following measurements of tenacity per 4 gallons of water: LOW END to HIGH END 0.5333 - 1.0667 Ounces of Tenacity 1.0667 - 2.1333 Tablespoons Tenacity 3.2000 - 6.4000 Teaspoons Tenacity The instructions and included syringe both state for a spray mix of 2 gallons, 1 teaspoon of tenacity should be used. So that means for 4 gallons 2 teaspoons should be used. This is far less then the low end of 3.2 teaspoons and the high end of 6.4 teaspoons if actually doing the recommended calculations. Anyone else run into this or can share their experiences? Thank you!


If you notice on Tenacity Herbicide’s product label, there are two different rates for application. There is a broadcast rate- meaning spraying the entire surface of the property, and a spot treatment rate. Spot treatments are often a different use application than for broadcast, especially for a unique product such as Tenacity. The main broadcast applications being made are going to be used as a pre emergent. The broadcast applications are not best for post emergent control, and the manufacturer recommends spot treating when going after existing weeds. Controlling an existing weed and preventing weeds from seed germination will be two different application rates, and one uses a surfactant during treatment (post emergent) and one does not (pre emergent). 

Also, you would only be calculating per gallon of water if you are doing a post emergent spot treatment. Pre emergent applications will have varying water volumes based on a customers turf type, density, application equipment, and application speed. This means you are focusing on an amount of chemical per square footage/acreage, and not per gallon. The water is merely the carrier to get the small amount of chemical distributed evenly across the correct amount of space to yield the intended results from the product. For many, a pre emergent application will vary from 1 gallon to 3 gallons of water per 1000 sq/ft. 

If you do not know how much water you will cover 1000 sq/ft or an acre with, you can calibrate your equipment by using only water first, and mark off a 1000 sq/ft section of yard. Walk as if you are applying it with chemical in a way that seems like sufficient coverage for your lawns needs. When finished, look to see how many gallons of solution you used, and then you can move forward with determining how you need to mix it based on this information for your 4 gallon tank.

Answer last updated on: 04/02/2021

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