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David from Lancaster, Ma writes

Has the wand been upgraded on the Green Gorilla ProLine Vi Pro System?

Some of the reviews are complaints about the wand dripping, but in the picture of the pro model with the 18" wand it looks identical to the B&G Extenda-ban wand. Are the complaints of dripping coming from those who have purchased the older model with the straight wand? Or is the 18" look-a-like wand a cheap knock-off of the B&G?


We apologize but are not aware of any changes in the wand for the Green Gorilla ProLine Vi Pro System.   B&G wands are interchangeable with the Green Gorilla but are not included with the unit. The manufacturer of the Green Gorilla ProLine Vi Pro System states that it has a shutoff handle, so it should not drip when the trigger is released.  We have tested one unit here and only one drip came out when releasing the handle.  If a customer has one that is dripping we recommend contacting the manufacturer for troubleshooting, Green Gorilla by calling 800-866-2122

Answer last updated on: 03/26/2019

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