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Lynn writes

I have a black carpet beetle infestation in my drop ceiling in the basement. What is the safest product to use?

I have two small children and a cat. I had a pest control company come out for six months, and I do not see any less activity. What is the best and safest product to use in a drop ceiling. I have central air in my home, and I do not want it to circulate through the air for the kids to inhale. Any help and advice would be appreciated.


We would not recommend using any more insecticide spray products. Instead, we recommend you find the source of the carpet beetle infestation. It is the source of the problem that you need to discover and eliminate, rather than the adult insects you see wandering around. Until you find out what that is and deal with it, you will continue to get more of the carpet beetles emerging from hiding. Carpets beetles may be as likely to feed on grain based food materials as they are on animal byproducts. Pet foods stored in forgotten places, baking goods left too long in the cupboard, rodent baits tossed in the attic - all of these are quite susceptible to carpet beetle feeding. Plus, you also have the typical carpet beetle diets of dead insects (wasp nests in the attic, dead insects in window sills), feathers (bird nests, dead birds), hair (dead rodents, wool products, trophy mounts), and other things made from animal byproducts. The only other product that may work in your situation is the Nuvan Pro Strips. Nuvan Pro Strips slowly release an insecticide vapor into enclosed areas over a period of 3-4 months offering control of crawling, flying insects.

Answer last updated on: 10/02/2010

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