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Teresa from Baytown, Tx writes

I have "Crazy Raspberry" Ants. They are tearing up my wiring in my well and septic.

They are able to out-compete fire ants because they reproduce faster. The ants are not attracted to ordinary ant baits, are not controlled by over-the-counter pesticides, and are harder to fully exterminate because their colonies have multiple queens. (Taken from Wikipedia) I have read that the only type of pesticide which will kill them is fipronil. Does your MaxForce product have this pesticide in it? I didn't see it listed on the product sheet


I believe the Fipronil product they were referring to was Termidor SC. Termidor SC used outdoors and Phantom used indoors have been the most effective products to control crazy Raspberry Ants. Ant baits (including the maxforce product that contains fipronil) and synthetic pyrethroid insecticides do not seem to do an effective job controlling this ant species. Texas A&M University has done extensive research regarding these ants and you can find detailed articles on their extension website.

Answer last updated on: 07/23/2012

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