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Annette from Philadelphia, Pa writes

I have domestic pet rats, since I run a pet rat rescue from my home. But I have mice.

The mice are not pets and never will be! They were here when we bought our home and we did not know it. I notice the mice stay out of the rooms that have the rat cages, but they are driving me nuts by destroying our food! I bought a large box of mouse traps from you today, and want to know what tips you have for being successful with them? We have only caught two mice so far using snap traps we bought locally.


Using a rodenticide bait inside mice bait stations in combination with mice traps will work best. Since mice are so much smaller than rats, rats would not be able to access the bait inside the mice bait stations.  Please read the articles below for some great tips on how to treat inside your home.   How To Get Ride Of Mice In Your Home Article Here. Baiting Tips For Mice Here. Protecta RTU Mouse Bait Stations with Fastrac Blox 

Answer last updated on: 03/02/2015

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