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Joe from Jordan, Ny writes

I have fleas in a room of basement that has a flea problem for 3 years.

The room is not accessible to my cat or my dogs. I have found dead mice after using a fogger. I found and sealed up places that mice got in though. But after using cans of fogger every ten or so days for 2 months there are still fleas. What else can I do?


You need to get in the infested area and clean it thoroughly and vacuum very well just prior to fogging. This will help speed up the the flea elimination process. Next, be sure you are using a fogger with an adulticide and an Insect Growth Regulator such as Precor Plus Fogger for best results. The adulticide will help kill the adult fleas and the IGR will help stop the breeding cycle of the developing fleas. We also recommend that you confirm you are actually dealing with fleas and not springtails. Springtails look an awful lot like fleas but they do not bite and they are drawn to areas with a high level of moisture (such as basements) and they are known to reproduce very quickly.

Answer last updated on: 12/16/2011

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