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Dave from Arcadia Fl writes

I have a job on a mobile home to do and the place is over run with fleas

I need a product that will knock them down quickley AND I will be able to crawl around on the next day without poisoning my self


We would recommend Nyguard Plus as this provides a great knockdown of the adult fleas, but also provides residual control along with an IGR which will keep the fleas from reproducing. This product also has a deoderizer in it as well. You want to go through and Vaccuum VERY well in the entire home including furniture prior to putting down the product. This will help bring any fleas out of the egg stage to be affected by the product faster. Use the Nyguard Plus on the carpets, hardwoods, furniture, pet bedding and any other infested area. Keep all adults, pets and children out of the area after treatment until the product has dried, which normally only takes about 30 minutes or so. Once the product is dry it is safe for anyone to be on the surfaces treated. Keep in mind vaccuuming needs to continue being done every day for 14 days after the first application, and a repeat application of the NyGuard Plus on the 14th day. If the fleas are being brought in from the outside, you need to treat the yard and pets as well.

Answer last updated on: 05/09/2013

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