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Victoria from Colorado Springs, Co writes

I have little black bugs (about the size of a flea) in my house. I am trying to find out what these are called

These little black bugs are all over my house but mainly in my bathroom (they are attracted to moisture) and jump. I have also been getting bit by them. I called in an exterminator today and he looked at them with a magnifying glass and said they were not fleas or bed bugs. He told me they were some kind of small beetle. Was trying to see if I could find out what they are called so I can find out more information on them and really know what I am working with. I have been searching all day for small black biting beetles that jump and are attracted to moisture and it hasn't come back with anything. Please help! Thanks!


From your description, minus the biting, they sound like they could possibly be springtails. Springtails to not bite however the sensation of them on your skin and as they push off could feel like a bite as their rough body hairs "prick" your skin. We can not make a full identification so you will need to still take a sample to your local entomologist. You can find the one closest to you by contacting your Local Cooperative Extension office and asking for the Entomology department for pest identification.

Answer last updated on: 05/29/2013

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