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Nancy from Kansas City, Ks writes

I have seen 2 mice within the past 6 months and have purchased Contrac place packs from you. They worked...

on the first mouse, but I saw another one last night and have put more Contrac out. Can you tell me what more an exterminator might be able to do? I just don't want to pay a big price for nothing. Thank you.


Contrac Rodent Place Packs can only kill the mice as they are attracted to the bait but it will not stop them from coming indoors in the first place. A reputable pest control operator would find ways to exclude mice from your home and this is a job you could potentially do yourself. Here is a step by step guide that will explain how to exclude rodents from your home: How to Rodent Proof Your Home. Most pest control operators will also supply tamper resistant mouse bait stations with a high quality bait around the exterior of your home to kill the mice before they try to find a way indoors, this too is something you can do yourself.

Answer last updated on: 10/25/2011

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