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Mitch from Summerfield, Nc writes

I have Stinkbugs and Boxelders. Would Cy-Kick CS or Demon WP be a better choice for me?

Our home is infested during the summer with both of these bugs. Which would be the better product to treat with, Demon WP or Cy-Kick CS? Or would a combination of both be the way to go


Demon WP and Cy-Kick CS would both be great choices for stinkbug and box-elder bug control. If you are going to be treating on dark surfaces you may want to stick with the Cy-Kick CS as it will not leave a visible residue like the powdery residue left behind by Demon WP. There is no need to use both products at the same time because they are both synthetic pyrethroids and using them together will not improve results.

Answer last updated on: 04/02/2012

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