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Alex from Cape Breton, Nova Scotia writes

I have these tiny red ants around and in my swimming pool which bite or pinch you when they get on you. They 4

I had it spayed professionally the last 2 seasons with "Demand" but this seems only to last a while and then they are back. I don't know where they come from, but they bite or pinch the kids when they get on them. What do you recommend for them? Should I keep using Demand or something else?


We recommend that you use an ant bait granule such as Maxforce Complete Ant Bait in your yard surrounding the pool to help control the ants before they try to go for a swim. Demand is a great product but it will only kill the ants that come into direct contact with treated areas leaving the ants back at the nest to continue to cause issues. The best approach would be to use the bait granules in the yard and to spray around the pool (at least 10 ft from the pool) with the Demand CS. This two pronged ant control program would give faster results that would last longer than spraying alone.

Answer last updated on: 09/07/2011

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