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Nancy writes

I have three small tropical birds and am concerned about using this product indoors in the basement.

Although the birds are kept upstairs, all local veterinarians recommend not using any sprays inside even in the basement. We have hired a professional who uses this product and has applied it to the outside of the foundation, but now he suggests the interior foundation be treated due to an increase in the pavement ant infestation. He would like to treat the top of the foundation along the house. He assures me it should be fine since the birds are upstairs but since the vets are not in agreement I am not sure which way to go.


We would definitely recommend going with the veterinarians advice since they are the experts on the type of birds you own. An alternative of course would be to remove the birds from your home, let the PCO perform the application, wait until the product has dried and all rooms have been vented and then return the birds to your home. This is usually a very safe solution since the birds are normally only sensitive to the fumes.

Answer last updated on: 04/27/2011

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