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Robert from Belington, Wv 26250 writes

I have a woodpecker drilling a new exterior porch support, pressure treated 6X6 post.

I find it hard to believe there are any bugs or grubs in a pressure treated 6X6 post. The woodpecker started drilling on one of the posts this past week. Would I need to use a product like Borecare that would penetrate the wood (even though it is pressure treated)? Any suggestions you can share would be much appreciated.


No, Bora-Care will not work on pressure treated wood. Pressure treated wood is made to not let moisture into it, and since Bora-Care depends on moisture to allow it to penetrate through the wood it will not work on pressure treated wood. Bora-Care will only work on raw wood. Wood that is not painted, stained, sealed, or pressure treated. Also, pressure treated wood prevents against all of the things that Bora-Care does anyways, so it does not need to be treated and wouldn't have any effect on that woodpecker. Since woodpeckers are a protected species and you can get fined for hurting or killing them, we do not carry any products labeled specifically for woodpeckers. You can try other non-spraying methods by placing reflective tape in the area or a fake owl or other bird of prey to deter the woodpecker. 

Answer last updated on: 06/21/2014

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