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Joe from Emmett, Idaho writes

HELP! Major earwig problem. They are decimating my perennials and newly planted petunias. Nests everywhere.

There are nests turning up everywhere. Destroying everything. Roses, too. Expensive hybrids! SW Idaho. They are ruining my landscaping. What is the best product for outdoor earwigs? Permethrin seems to work, but I pour it on them and I never actually see them die. It seems to eventually work. Suggestions?


Permethrin is actually one of the products we would recommend to get rid of earwigs outdoors. It is normal not to see them die even if you spray them directly. That is because permethrin kills within a day or so, not immediately. If you want to speed up the kill rate you can add Exciter to your Permethrin mix, a pyrethrin is an active ingredient which will offer a faster knockdown. You can find Exciter here:

Answer last updated on: 05/26/2015

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