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Heritage Farms

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Heritage Farms Wooden Perch for Bird Houses (750021)
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This wooden and durable perch can fit any feeder you have and almost all Heritage Farm Units.

Heritage Farms Seed N More Bird Feeder 15 lbs. (7452R)
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A double-sided hopper type feeder in red color with 15 pounds mixed seed capacity and can hold 2 suet cakes.

Heritage Farms Universal Pole Kit (75860)
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This pole kit can replace your old ones or just add another set for your new feeders!

Heritage Farms Universal Mounting Bracket for Bird Feeders (7503)
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Perfect for getting your feeders a new mounting bracket or getting a new feeder installed.

Heritage Farms Brite Zinc Hanger Bracket Assembly (750091)
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A replacement hanger bracket for most Heritage Farms feeder.

Heritage Farms Mini Absolute II Bird Feeder (7458)
Out of Stock
A sturdy eye-captivating feeder perfect to attract your gorgeous birds.

Heritage Farms Mini Seeds N More Bird Feeder 5.5 lb. (7454)
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A functional feeder made up of powder-coated durable parts.

Heritage Farms 1st Birds Choice Feeder 9 lb. (7511I)
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An advanced feeder which is resistant to squirrel damage.

Heritage Farms Cafe Bird Feeder 7 lb. (6228)
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A special dining sanctuary to attract your feathered friends.

Heritage Farms Chalet Bird Feeder 4 lb. (74240)
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A double-sided bird feeder to attract more birds.

Heritage Farms Green Absolute II Bird Feeder 12 lb. (7536)
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A large green-colored bird feeder with 12-pound seed capacity.

Heritage Farms Lantern Bird Feeder 4 lb. (6226)
Out of Stock
A red colored lantern-inspired feeder with 4-pound capacity.

Heritage Farms Metal Covered Perch for Bird Houses (750154)
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A replacement metal covered perch for your old ones.

Heritage Farms Vista Bird Feeder 6 lb. (75160)
Out of Stock
A 6-pound double-sided bird feeder for mixed seeds.

Heritage Farms Wooden Perch for Bird Houses (750166)
Free Shipping!
A replacement wooden perch.