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Teddy from Gilbert, Az writes

How can I control scorpions living in a mature pine tree located in my Arizona yard?

I've been using Cykick CS every 2-3 weeks and Bifen granules per instructions since April 2011. I go out each night with a black light and kill 6-15 scorpions (I initially killed 20+ per night so things have improved). They're in my yard, on the fences, sidewalks, and pool area. I kill 1 to 5 scorpions just crawling on this particular mature pine tree nightly which is why I believe it's infested. I appreciate any suggestions; the only other bugs I notice are ants.


We would recommend spraying a wide swath of Cy-Kick CS around the base of the tree and then also thoroughly spraying several feet up the tree to help control the scorpions. We would further recommend looking at the reason the scorpions are so attracted to that particular tree. Is there a lot of mulch or rocks around the base that should be removed? Is there an insect population in that tree that the scorpions are feasting on? Are you watering your lawn near this tree too much? Is there leaf debris or piled up lumber near the tree? By looking at and modifying your property you can make it less favorable to scorpions. Scorpions are at any given place for three reasons: food, shelter and moisture. If you can remove or reduce any one of these needs you will reduce or eliminate the scorpions as well.

Answer last updated on: 09/28/2011

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