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James from Sebastopol, California writes

How can I eradicate residual dampwood termites in a living tree?

My large black oak tree had big dead limb that was removed. This left a cut site with a large opening filled with frass/actual dampwood termites and damage/tunnels going deep into the main body of the tree (which is showing signs of stress). Is there a liquid product I can purchase to pour into the colony/tunnels to kill deeper/residual termites without killing/hurting the living tree?


There are products that you can use to treat in the tree directly. Just keep in mind that termites are there because the tree is already dead or dying, so be sure to take down dead trees before they cause other damage. You could use Alpine Ant and Termite Foam to spot treat exactly where the galleries are in the tree. This product has a foaming agent to help coat the inside of any voids. Alternatively, you could use Dominion 2L as a spray, again treating inside the galleries directly.

Answer last updated on: 11/02/2016

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