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Patti writes

How can I get rid of small bugs in my kitchen?

I have tiny bugs on my kitchen floor. They are dead and seem to cluster around trash can which we empty daily. Do you all offer help identifying what they are so I can buy product to get rid of them?


We would love to help but there are thousands of insects that can infest homes and without a very detailed explanation and a very good picture it is hard to determine specifically what you are dealing with.  The best option is to save some of the bugs you are finding in a ziploc bag and drive to a local exterminators office for them to identify your problem.  They will know more about the pests in your local area and should be able to tell you what they are lookiing at it in person.  Then you could let us know what the pest is and we can tell you what to purchase and where to treat.  We always like to know exactly what you are dealing with so we do not recommend the wrong product.

Answer last updated on: 03/06/2010

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