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Angie from Ohio writes

How can I solve the problem of a lot of dust shooting out with the Bellow duster?

When I use this with Drione Dust, a lot of dust just shoots out of the duster and it is really frustrating, so I want to know how to resolve this problem? Or do you have an electric duster for indoor purposes?


The bellow hand duster is made to hold in different positions to control the amount of dust that comes out.  To let out the least amount of dust, you should actually hold the duster upside down, with the black plunger facing down.  If you hold it to the side it will let out a little more, and then if you hold it upright, black plunger up which is probably how you are applying it now, it lets out the most amount of dust.  The least amount of dust is actually the best method, so you should hold it upside down.

Answer last updated on: 07/21/2012

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