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Kristina from Albany writes

How do I determine which size CINCH Traps I need?


To determine the size you need of the CINCH Traps Gopher Trap Kit 3-Pack: Find the tunnel, which means digging down past the mound and get to the tunnel that is parallel to the surface. That is the animals run or main tunnel. That is where you will be putting the trap. The jaws of the trap when set, should fit snug into the tunnel. It is better to get a slightly larger trap than your tunnel size than too small. Make sure the jaws are not resting at a bend in the tunnel, because then the animal can get around the trap as well. Please see sizing below.  The traps come in small, medium, and large sizes.

Small: 2.25 in. diameter tunnel size
Medium: 3 in. diameter tunnel size
Large: 3.5 in. diameter tunnel size


Answer last updated on: 01/20/2021

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