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Jon from Chandler Az writes

How do I get rid of cockroaches in a drain?



It is rare you would ever have roaches truly coming from your drain pipes. Most of the time when people see roaches coming out of their drain, it is only ones that have crawled down into it from your sink first and are then re-emerging. Unless  you  have  a  cracked  pipe  either in your home or somewhere in the sewage line for the city that leads into yourhome, the source is elsewhere. There is not an insecticide that can be applied to drains, pipes or sewers. The best way to treat for roaches is to attack it full on before it becomes a huge infestation as they can reproduce quickly. We suggest using one of our roach control kits as the kits have everything you need to completly eliminate all of the roaches that are there.  You can also review our guide on How To Get Rid of German Roaches for tons of helpful information for controlling this species effectively. 

Answer last updated on: 09/12/2019

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