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Joan from Philadelphia, Pa writes

How do I get rid of female moths (not pantry)? I've been using X-Lure traps for the males

and they have trapped hundreds, but they just keep coming. Think I need to trap the females as well.


There are not pheromone traps for the females.  However, you should continue to use the traps because if they are doing a great job of catching the males, there will be no more males to mate with the females and the population will dwindle.  You can use aerosol insecticides to help kill all of the moths, including the females, like our most popular product, D-Force HPX.  Apply along baseboards, shelving, cracks and crevices, etc.  Also, the moths came from a source and hopefully you have found the source and discarded it.  If you have not, then this is the issue and you should find and discard the contaminated product as soon as possible.

Answer last updated on: 09/14/2011

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