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Edward from Madisonville writes

How do I get rid of my bed bugs?

I got my bed bug from a friend he was coming over and never told me he had bed bug. I bought your number two kit I spray saturday put the dust around but I am waiting for the sprayer. But it does not seem to be working it seem like I got more bed bug. I sleep on my couch so do i need to throw my couch away. How long does it take to start see these little devil gone bit are driving me crazy. Thank you


Bedbugs are not a pest that can be eliminated quickly, and it will take multiple treatments and time to kill all of them that may be in your home. We highly recommend you go back to your bedroom to sleep so that the bedbugs do not follow you and infest your couch as well. Bedbugs need a human present to be attracted to, so they come out of hiding and cross all the chemicals you have applied to be affected by them. The only thing in the home they are attracted to is us unfortunately. Your order of Bed Bug Kit #2 should have had a print out of our bedbug guide included in the box which goes over step by step instructions for the application of each chemical, the non chemical steps you need to be taking in addition to the chemical ones, and the overall outline of how long it should take and what to expect. If you did not receive it in your box, we highly encourage you to use this link to the Bed Bug Guide to read through it in detail to understand what will go on as you continue to treat every 7-10 days until you can go 30 days consecutively with no signs of live bedbugs and no new bites. 

Answer last updated on: 02/01/2021

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