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Carol writes

How do I get rid of red and black bugs?

We have a few raintrees in our backyard. The past few years, we have had a huge infestation of red and black bugs. They seem to attach themselves to the seeds that come off the trees. We live in Florida. I have been told they are boxelder bugs or red shouldered bugs but I can't tell. Do you sell anything that will kill this type of bug?


If you are indeed dealing with boxelder bugs, and what you have described does sound like boxelder bugs, then a product called Talstar P will do a great job for you. Talstar P can be sprayed directly on the plant foliage and it can be used on and in the house. We do recommend that you look up a few pictures of boxelder bugs online just to be sure they match the insect that you have spotted at your home. Boxelder Bug Control Article

Answer last updated on: 03/10/2011

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