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Hans from Jamestown, Ri writes

How do I kill Ailanthus altissima, Tree of Heaven, Ghetto Palm?

It wont die, propagates through suckers and seed pods. I am ready to try TVC to see if that will kill it, glyphosphate like Roundup only makes the leaves fall off and they sprout again shortly after. They are coming up all over my lawn and I am considering just making it a rock garden. Is there anything I can use to kill it that will allow me to (eventually) grow a lawn?


Tree of Heaven is an invasive species that can require chemical and cultural methods to control completely. You will probably need to cut a treat the stumps directly with a product like Crossbow Specialty Herbicide for best results. This article from the PennState Extension service has more information about this difficult tree.

Answer last updated on: 07/28/2016

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