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Bob from Everett, Wa writes

How do I kill and control "sugar ants"?

Our vacation home is located near Chelan Washington on the Columbia River. Every spring we get hit with waves of what locals refer to as sugar ants. Very very small ants that get into anything that looks like a food source. Even had them get through screw top lids on 1 gallon plastic mayo jars used to store dog food. Currently I use boric acid powder sprinkled on their trail but I'm concerned about exposure to family dogs. Anything safer and better??


Phantom would be a good choice for ant control. Phantom should be applied around baseboards, door frames, window frames and places where utilities (cables, pipes and wires) enter through the wall as these are the most likely places for the ants to enter/exit. You can also treat all around the foundation of your home and the exterior window frames, door frames and places where utilities enter to stop the ants from gaining access in the first place. Phantom is a non-repellent insecticide that has a delayed reaction which allows ants time to get back to the colony and spread the product. In essence, the ants will not be able to tell that the product is in place and they will pick it up on the fine hairs all over their body and inadvertently carry it back to the colony where over a course of a few days it will knock out the entire colony. Phantom works really well because you don't have to worry about whether the ants will all take the bait, they just need to walk over the treated areas. Phantom comes in two formulations, concentrated liquid and aerosol for your convenience. Be sure to keep your pets out of the area while you are treating and they can safely return to the treated areas as soon as they are dry, usually 1-2 hours.

Answer last updated on: 02/20/2013

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