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Ann from Chgo., Il writes

How do I kill moths that are in my clothing that bite me?

They left lava on some spots of the fabric. Very hard to wash off or out of the fabric. Can't see it with moving around. I'm guessing it's cloth moth. I have carpet and area wool rugs. I think I may have carpet Beetles also. I'm using Microcare aerosol Is that the right product to use? PLs._ HELP!


We do not have any products that can be used on your clothing. Before we can offer you treatment advice you must get a proper ID of the pest. You should collect a couple of samples and contact a pest control service or your local cooperative extension office and show them the samples for a pest ID. Once you know for sure what you are dealing with we can help you select the correct products for your specific needs.

Answer last updated on: 04/11/2013

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