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Cindy writes

How do I know when the mice are gone?

I have Contrac Blox throughout our house due to mice moving in with the cold weather. The first night a number of them disappeared - even from places I didn't think there were mice. Also, some were nibbled on and we trapped one mouse. How do I know if the bait worked or if they're no longer there? I don't know where the mice took the bait and there is no evidence of mice in the area except for the missing blox? Do I keep replacing the bait bloxs until they stop disappearing? Thanks


You should keep replacing the bait until the mice stop taking it. You need to place enough bait out each night so that there is left over bait in the morning. This will ensure that each mouse is able to receive a lethal dose. We also highly recommend securing the blox in a tamper resistant bait station so that the rodents cannot carry the bait throughout the house and deposit the blox in undesirable areas.

Answer last updated on: 10/07/2010

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