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Gillian from North Maleny writes

How do I neutralise a 100 litre container of mixed GrazonNext HL Herbicide unable to use?

My husband had a 100litre container of mixed Grazon ready to spray and had an accident. He is now in hospital and I am unable to use the mixed spray. How do I neutralise it or get rid of it in a suitable way. We are not in an area with sewerage and I am worried about my trees on the drive if I just empty the container there.I am 82 years old and I need advice! please


We reached out to the manufacturer of GrazonNext HL Herbicide and they said due to the strength of the product, they didn't think any tank neutralizer would work to offset it enough to be safe for disposal on your property. They recommended calling your local city/counties household waste agency and let them know your situation and see if someone can come out and remove the solution for you. 

Answer last updated on: 03/15/2021

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