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Deborah from United States writes

How do I rid my home of gnats big and small?

I have been trying to find where they are coming from and I cannot, for every 50 I kill I see 100 more. They do not seem to like light. We cannot use our table to eat. I don't want anyone to come to my home because of the flies. I have 5 animals, my dog is always itching and I worry they are feeding on him.


There are many species of gnats and many species of flies and the treatment for each species varies. The first thing you need to do is get several samples of these insects and have them professionally identified. You can contact your local cooperative extension office and request to speak to the entomologist on staff. The entomologist can tell you how to obtain a sample, preserve it and send it to them for an identification. Failure to properly identify the insect can and most likely will lead to treatment failure. Once you have the insect identified we can help you select the correct product(s) to eliminate the pest you are dealing with.

Answer last updated on: 12/16/2011

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