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Noreen from Genoa, Il writes

How do we get rid of them a bumblebee nest under our concrete stoop?

I'm allergic to all stinging flyers. We have a bumblebee problem under the concrete stoop to our back yard. They are active all day. Stinging my husband, my dogs and my new puppy. I'm allergic to stings! ER allergic. We've tried sprays, foam every wasp and hornet spray. What can we use??? Need ASAP!!!!!


Tempo 1% Dust is our best selling product to eradicate bees.  If you know where the opening is where the bees are going in and out, and you dust that opening, the bees will get the dust on the hair on their legs and carry it back to the nesting area.  Usually this will eradicate a bee colony within 24 - 48 hours depending on the size.  It is best to treat the opening late at night or very early morning when they are all inside and less active.  For your safety, if you are allergic, have someone else make the application for you. 

Answer last updated on: 07/22/2016

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