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Neil from Raleigh, Nc writes

How do you control millipedes indoors?

I live in a townhouse, and over the last 6-9 months we have been invaded by millipedes. I suspect these may be coming in from an attached unit, but regardless, I'm trying to find the best solution to control this pest. I've been using Suspend SC for some other pests and had hoped this would control the millipedes too, but it's hasn't even slowed them down. What solutions do you recommend?


Millipedes are usually going to be present when there is a lot of moisture in the area. If you have a lot of mulch near your house you may want to consider raking it back at least six inches away from the house. Also trimming bushes so that you can see the soil beneath them and so they do not touch the house will help reduce soil moisture and stop the insects from gaining access to the house via the bushes.  We recommend using Cyper WP around the outside perimeter of the home (especially under and around eaves, decks, patios, and window shutters), and inside along baseboards, in cracks and crevices, and other potential millipede harboring locations. It is recommended that you caulk and seal as many indoor cracks and crevices as possible to stop insects from entering under walls and from around cables, pipes and wires from attached units. We have also written an article with other tips that may help you with millipede control : Get Rid of Millipedes

Answer last updated on: 05/01/2012

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