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Nikquel from Naches, Wa writes

How do you treat a room for bed bugs with a lot of stuff in it?

I'm treating a single room in a 4 bedroom house where bedbugs have been spotted with your Bed Bug Kit #2 and there are a lot of items in the room that are not furniture (knick-knacks, paper, books, etc.). I'm a little overwhelmed about where to begin in the process; do I only treat the bed area? There are two bookshelves near by, do I treat everything on them, even if I don't see evidence of bedbugs on them? How about items that are across the room from the bed? How would one go about making sure no bedbugs are transferred out of that room via myself, or cats/dogs that may enter/exit the room? Should we treat the adjacent rooms anyways, even if bedbugs are not spotted in them? Thank you for your time~ -First Time Bed Bug victim


Be sure to check out the step by step guide on Bed Bug Kit #2 page.  We would recommend to place the items in sealed containers and use Nuvan Strips. Be sure the leave the items sealed for at least one week. It’s recommended to treat not only that room, but all surrounding rooms. Be sure to also treat bookshelves, night stands, etc. It’s hard to prevent hitch hiking of bed bugs. A thorough treatment should help with that. 

Answer last updated on: 01/27/2020

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