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Raymond writes

How does Alpine Ant&Termite; Foam compare to D-Foam for carpenter ants in wall voids?

I currently use D-Foam with success but am always open to better alternatives.


It is always our opinion "if its not broken, don't fix it". If you are having success with D-Foam we recommend you stick with it. Still if you want to try something else we would be happy to offer a side by side comparison. D-Foam has the active ingredient Deltamethrin which offers a fast knockdown and a long lasting residual. D-Foam does not however spread back to the nesting area, it will only eliminate carpenter ants that come into direct contact with treated areas. Alpine Ant and Termite Foam on the other hand contains Dinotefuran and comes from a new line of Reduced Risk Non-Repellent products. Non-repellent products are un-detectable to insects and have a transfer effect which means there is a delayed reaction to the active ingredient allowing the insecticide to spread throughout a colony. Non-repellents can take several weeks to kill an insect. Both products have excellent feedback from our customers who have used them for carpenter ant infestations.

Answer last updated on: 06/24/2012

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