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Deborah from Towson, Md writes

How does Aqua Neat Aquatic Herbicide break down in the soil?

By what mechanism does it actually break down after binding with soil and how long does it take? Is breakdown by physical or biological means, and if the latter is it microbes/fungi etc. and what sort of effect does it have on them? I use it in my job taking care of stormwater retention areas and would like to know more detail about why it's considered safer than some other herbicides. Thanks very much.


Aqua Neat Aquatic Herbicide is labeled for use in aquatic areas, including irrigation and drainage ditches. You can view chemical properties of this herbicide on the Safety Data Sheet here. For further chemical information, you would need to contact the manufacturer directly. Keep in mind that this product has been discontinued, so there may be limited other information remaining.

Answer last updated on: 04/14/2021

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