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Shannon from Onalaska, Tx writes

How does Demon WP affect older dogs?

There is a major ant issue where we are moving to, haven't seen any roaches or other bugs but do not want the possibility. The Landlord said he uses Demon WP and we have a 13yr old miniature Boston Terrier who has Epilepsy. Topical flea and tick treatments and /or shampoos can not be used on her for they cause her to have horrible seizures. Our younger Curr doesn't have any illness issues but can not use the any on him because they breed together and just being on him will still cause a seizure in our little Boston. Has Demon wp been tested for this specific issue in dogs and is it just as safe as with dogs without health issues?


There is no way to predict how any animal will react to any product including Demon WP. We recommend consulting with your veterinarian before choosing anything to treat your home. We apologize that we could not be of further assistance.

Answer last updated on: 09/13/2018

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