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Wen writes

How does Kocide 3000 Fungicide/Bactericide compare to Agri-fos?

Is it as effective as Agri-fos? Can you apply this systemically through bark banding?


Agri-Fos is a systemic fungicide for controlling plant diseases such as Pythophthora, downy mildew, pythium, black spot, root rot, anthracnose, and more. It contains mono- and di-potassium salts of phosphorous acid and it functions as both a curative and preventive treatment to trees, turf, ornamentals, in landscapes and interiorscapes, and bedding plants.  Kocide 3000 Fungicide/Bactericide is used in the control of plant diseases such as rusts, scabs, blotches, botrytis, anthracnose, powdery mildew, leaf spots, bacterial spots, downy mildew, rots, bacterial blights, and blasts. Perfect to use on crops including vines, citrus, tree crops, vegetables, small fruits, field crops, conifers, greenhouse and shade house crops. It can be used on edibles whereas the Agri-Fos cannot.  It is a not a systemic product and would only be applied as a sprayed application.

Answer last updated on: 01/21/2020

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