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Crystal from Omaha, Ne writes

How Effective is Bifen Against Grasshoppers?

Bifen XTS u claim doesn't repel but kills within 24hrs of contact so how is this effective for protecting my gardens & trees if it's doesn't REPEL & only kills n the 1st 24hrs of contact as bugs will continue to attack my plants? I've also struggled w/grasshoppers & finding a product that will kill them & protect my plants. Also u state rainfall/UV determines length of coverage I also assume sprinklers as well? Is there documentation that explains how or when u will need to reapply? i.e. re-apply after 10 rainfalls


Bifen XTS has a 4 - 8 week residual, depending on the amount of rain and UV rays that the area gets.  Typically, Bifen XTS as well as many other liquid insecticides only need about 30 minutes to dry. Once dry, they can hold up to rain rather well. If you are experiencing heavy rainfall daily, then I would suggest you wait to apply Bifen XTS when no rainfall is expected within 24 hours. You can reapply this product as needed for control of the grasshoppers.  It will kill the grasshoppers within 24 hours of them having contact with the Bifen XTS.  For more information on protecting your garden from grasshoppers please read this article written by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Answer last updated on: 07/15/2017

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