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Kenneth from New Orleans writes

How effective is CB PCO Fogger at killing a flea infestation?

How effective is CB PCO Fogger at killing a flea infestation?


CB PCO Fogger will only kill those fleas that are exposed at the time you use the product. For fleas infestations we recommend: Foggers are not good for fleas at all.  We sell an indoor flea kit that is the best for fleas indoors.  You must use an IGR (insect growth regulator) for fleas which you cannot use in a fogger.  Our kit is the best option for indoors as it is the same professional products professional companies use.  The most important part of any flea treatment is vacuuming.  You should vacuum before treating and then again every couple days after your treatment.  You should also treat again in exactly 14 days.  There is enough product in our indoor flea kit to treat an average size house twice.  We also carry an outdoor/indoor flea kit that works great for the inside and outside of your home. This kit contains a liquid concentrate and an IGR (insect growth regulator). It is applied using a one gallon hand pump sprayer. When treating the outside, we recommend that you mow your lawn one to two days prior to the application.

Answer last updated on: 04/13/2014

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