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Pam from Crowley writes

How is Drexel Imitator Plus mixed if using a Hose End Sprayer?


Drexel Imitator Plus can be applied at 0.66 fl oz to 13 fl oz per gallon depending on the target weeds. 

For annual weeds over 6 inches tall, or when not using additional surfactant, or unless otherwise specified, use a 1% solution (1.33 fl oz per gallon). For best results, use a 2% solution (2.66 fl oz per gallon) on harder-to-control perennials, such as Bermudagrass, Canada thistle, Dock, Field bindweed, Hemp dogbane and Milkweed. When using application methods that result in less than complete coverage, use a 5% solution (6.5 fl oz per gallon) for annual and perennial weeds and a 5 to 10% solution (6.5 fl oz -13 fl oz per gallon) for woody brush and trees. Please refer to the spray chart on page 3 of the product label for more information. 

Answer last updated on: 09/12/2021

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Drexel Imitator Plus

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