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Steve from Fair Oaks, Ca writes

How long after the soil has been treated with Trelona can it be used to grow vegetables?

I have raised vegetable garden (approximately 12 ft by 3 ft) that has been infested with termites. If I put a two Trelona Bait Stations in the garden, would the soil be useable for growing vegetables at some later date or should it be disposed of?


Trelona Compressed Termite bait should only be used in stations placed around/adjacent to homes as part of subterranean termite monitoring/prevention.  They are not for use further out in the lawn or in or around vegetable gardens.  For this type of area your best bet is to just pour boiling water on the insects/area you see activity. If there is raw wood around the edge of the bed, then you could treat the wood with Boracare or Timbor and then add a water-sealant to protect the wood from future infestations

Answer last updated on: 04/28/2021

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