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Amit writes

How long can the newborn bedbugs survive without food?

I believe I have rid my mattress of all the adult bedbugs and even the little ones. If there is nothing other than eggs remaining in the mattress, the question then is: How long can the newborns survive without sucking someone's blood? Can I put this mattress in storage for a few days, and wait for the newborns to die out?


First instar nymphs (newborns) can last for a few months without a blood meal according to many researchers. We recommend encasing your mattress and boxspring with Protect A Bed encasements which will seal in the bedbugs and eggs or thoroughly steaming every tuft, fold, crack and crevice possible. Putting the mattress is storage for a few days will have little effect on bedbugs.

Answer last updated on: 09/07/2010

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